Data and privacy

Nottingham Trent University processes data under the Data Protection Act 1998. The email list for van Geest Voice is managed by the Development and Alumni Relations Office at NTU. You have the right to opt out of specific or all communications at any time by emailing

Current subscribers can also change their preferences here. New subscribers can sign up for van Geest Voice here.

We use your details to process your subscription requests, to acknowledge your relationship to the University as a donor or supporter, and to provide any relevant further information. You may be on our database for multiple reasons, eg. if you receive alumni communications.

Data will not be disclosed to external organisations other than agents acting for the University e.g. service providers who deliver email messages on our behalf. Nottingham Trent University ensures such agencies handle information in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

If you have particular enquiries about Data Protection you are welcome to email The Information Officer within the Development and Alumni Relations Office at Nottingham Trent University. Information is also available at the Information Commissioner's Office.

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