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NTU charity helps prevent abuse

22 April 2016

HMP WhattonThe Safer Living Foundation is a unique charity aiming to reduce sexual offending through rehabilitation.     

Launched by HMP Whatton Head Governor Lynn Saunders (Honorary Doctor of Social Science 2015), the Foundation is a partnership between the prison, NTU, the National Probation Service, Nottinghamshire Police and Circles UK.  Last year it won the 2015 Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Rehabilitation in recognition of its outstanding work.  More recently, staff have moved into new premises and held a successful fundraiser. 

At the end of last year, the charity received £250,000 to extend its ‘circles’ project, which involves volunteers providing support to offenders.  Another project aims to prevent abuse by working with individuals at risk of offending.  

“Research suggests a number of people in the general population fear they may offend against children, but have not yet done so,” explains Professor of Forensic Psychology and the Foundation’s Vice-Chair, Dr Belinda Winder.  “Currently, interventions are reactive and almost exclusively oriented towards punishment and the therapeutic treatment of sexual offenders once they’ve offended.  The prevention project will provide vital support services to individuals who are sexually attracted to children.”

Visit www.saferlivingfoundation.orgto find out more about the charity’s work and to donate. 



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