Lizzie goes on #PlasticPatrol in the USA

26 September 2018

Lizzie Carr (BA Hons English 2007), who received an NTU Award for Outstanding Alumni in July 2018, has continued her mission to raise awareness of plastic pollution – in the USA!

In 2016, Lizzie became the first person to paddleboard the length of England’s connected waterways. Alone and unsupported, she completed the 400-mile journey in 22 days, plotting over 2,000 photos of the plastic pollution she encountered. 

She has now taken her campaign, #PlasticPatrol, to the USA, a country she describes as "one of the world's biggest consumers of single use plastic".

In September 2018, Lizzie successfully paddle boarded 170 miles of the Hudson River in eight days, collecting water samples along the way. The Hudson River Park Trust will now use these samples to analyse the micro-plastic levels of the river and use the resulting data in their attempts to clean up the waterways.

"Around 80% of marine debris starts from inland sources, including rivers like the Hudson, before it eventually flows out to the ocean”, said Lizzie. "I wanted my journey along the Hudson to motivate people to take action, so together, we can make a real difference to resolve the global problem of plastics choking out seas."

You can find out more about Lizzie on her website, and further information about Plastic Patrol can be found here



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