Christian introduces us to Spike – a secret superstar DJ

3 February 2017

Busy alumnus, comedian and award winning Absolute Breakfast presenter Christian O’Connell (BA Hons Communication Studies 1995) has now added “author” to his list of achievements with the launch of his first children’s book Radio Boy.

Aimed at middle-grade readers, and already receiving great reviews, Radio Boy comes with a big-hearted message – every child has a secret super power and with so much information and technology at their finger-tips, they can do absolutely anything! 

Radio Boy is Spike – just an ordinary kid… and a secret superstar DJ! Your average awkward 11 year-old, Spike, is funny, cheeky and has a mum to reckon with. When he becomes the first presenter ever to be sacked from hospital radio, he decides to carry on from a makeshift studio in the garden shed, with the help of his best friends Artie and Holly, disguising his voice and going by the moniker "Radio Boy"! Soon Spike is a star… if only people knew it was actually him. When Spike begins to believe his own hype, and goes too far with his mocking of the school headmaster, a hunt is launched for the mysterious Radio Boy. Can Spike remain anonymous? Will he get to marry the girl of his dreams, Katherine Hamilton? Will he become famous and popular? The answer to most of these questions is no!

Christian O'ConnellChristian was inspired to write the book after reading to his own children.
He said: “It has been the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. My daughters were my editors as I would give them chapters that they would just destroy and tell me where I’d gone wrong! I can’t wait for kids to read about Radio Boy. I hope they find it inspirational, but most of all I hope they laugh very hard. I’ve even done some of the jokes in stand up to pressure test them!”

Radio Boy, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, is available in paperback, on kindle and on audio download.

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