30 year reunion for Business Studies Class of 1989

19 June 2019

A group of BA Hons Business Studies alumni met up in Nottingham over the weekend to celebrate 30 years since they graduated from Trent Polytechnic.

Travelling from across the UK - and as far afield as India and the USA - for the get together, it was great to welcome them back to the City Campus and show them how much NTU has changed since they graduated. 

It was also an opportunity for them to take a walk down memory lane, (and back into a lecture theatre!), with the chance to recreate their original class photograph on the steps of Arkwright.

Some of the attendees reflected on the reunion:

Rob Shardlow: “I met my wife Debbie on my first day in Chaucer library – I offered her a polo. Here we are 34 years later with four* children!”  (*Debbie told us it's actually, three children and one dog!)

Debbie Clewes: “We’ve maintained a strong connection over the last 34 years – that connection is a result of an intense, communal experience at NTU.”

Julie Hocking: “It feels surreal coming back, some parts of the campus are frozen in time – for instance the communal gardens in Chaucer. There is an obvious contrast against the amazing facilities and new buildings. Today’s students are very lucky!” 

Alan McGown: “It’s refreshing to see how the old Poly has evolved and responded to the changing educational landscape. It’s amazing to reconnect.”

James Leavold: “It’s surreal to be back in Nottingham after 30 years. Trent will always be Trent Poly to us, we all spent the greatest 4 years of our lives here together.”

If you’re organising a reunion, contact us to let us know and find out how we can help!



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