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“Ay Up Me Duck” – the book

South Korean NTU alumni Kang Nak Lee (BA Hons Product Design, 2011) has published a book about his experiences as a student in the UK, titled Ay Up Me Duck.

Kang told NTU he was inspired to write the book because he didn’t want to lose the memories he had from NTU. He added “ but later I felt a kind of mission to the youngsters who want to study abroad, as there are not many books about how you actually lived while studying abroad, compared to the books telling what you have to prepare to study abroad. So I guessed this could be able to give an inspiration to young students.”

The book uses Kang’s four years of diaries and is “basically all about how I survived in the UK”. In it Kang “starts from day one and finishes on the day I get on the flight back to Korea. It contains the stories of what I studied at NTU, what I have learned, how I got a job, what I have done at work (all the sketches and drawings), and how I met my new born twin babies at the QMC (Queens Medical Centre)”.

It contains many illustrations that he drew throughout the book. Unfortunately the book is self-published and is not due to be published in the UK, due to costs.

Kang has recently completed some activities to promote his book in South Korea, in conjunction with the British Council. As part of this he held a book launch, and has talked to students who are interested in studying in the UK about his experiences at NTU, in Nottingham and the UK.



27 September 2017 11:21:00

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