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Why the NTU Scholarships Challenge?

At NTU we are proud of our work in encouraging and supporting students from the poorest backgrounds to come to University. Our outreach programmes targets schools, colleges and communities across the East Midlands, and as a result of our interventions, a 3rd more participants go into University than would have had we not intervened. As a result of these activities, 1 in 3 of our students come from households with less than £25,000 income and 1 in 4 from households with less than £16,000 income.




But securing a place at NTU is just the start of the journey.

There are a number of challenges students from these backgrounds face when trying to realise their potential:

  • Each year, hundreds of students find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty, as a result of a significant or unexpected event that could not have been predicted. The result can be debt, stress, falling grades, and perhaps even students leaving their courses before completion.

  •  Thousands of our ambitious students want to take on work placements and internships to enhance their chances of attaining professional success. But for some, there can be financial worries for those without families to help. We don’t think talented students should go without the skills that will help them excel, where simply because of a lack of money, they have to turn fantastic opportunities down.

  • Some students can’t afford the extra course materials they need to turn creativity and innovation into reality. They can be at a distinct disadvantage to their peers who can, and so potential and promise goes unfulfilled simply because of a lack of funding.




Give now


The NTU Scholarships Challenge is a way for the students of NTU past to help the NTU students of today. We want to help every student, regardless of background, to achieve their full potential. With your help, we can reduce hardship, fund placements and internships, and provide the course materials that make all the difference. We truly appreciate the past generosity of our Alumni, who have helped fund a wide range of projects supporting our students, contributions that have helped make NTU a real success story.  But we want to go further. Will you take up the NTU Scholarship Challenge? Will you help today’s student’s achieve their potential?