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Online Graduate Profile Emily J Macaulay 10/05/2019  
Name: Emily Macaulay
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quote: [My time at NTU was life changing and the environment within the university and city were key to that.]
Course: BA Hons Criminology
Year: 2003
Job title: Centre Manager
Employer: Exeter Library

What does your current role involve?
Exeter Library is the flagship for Devon Libraries and, being responsible for its operations, I ensure the whole staff team deliver high standards of customer care and work to make sure every visitor has the best experience they can. With over 2,000 people visiting everyday this takes planning, motivation and a problem solving approach focussing on the changing future of libraries in a challenging economic climate.

What is a typical day for you?
No two days are the same. Every day I will do the staffing timetable for the next day and if any big events are happening in the library in the next couple of days I'll work with colleagues to ensure we are ready. Throughout the day I will be supporting the frontline staff, either problem solving barriers to them delivering excellent customer service, such as shaky I.T., or speaking with dissatisfied (and sadly sometimes aggressive) members of the public. The diversity of library users is immense and I'll try to spend some time each day ensuring we are meeting their needs.

Can you share details of how your career has developed since leaving NTU?
After NTU I moved back home in order to be able to fund postgraduate study and then moved to Devon to take a job in Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. Two years later I was employed as a Project Manager for the Devon and Cornwall Criminal Justice Board to deliver the Community Justice project. When the funding for that post ended I moved to the Police Authority where I was for four years. My final year there was working for the newly created Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Whilst this was a fascinating and unprecedented year I could not agree morally with this political element of the criminal justice system so looked outside policing for development opportunities.

How has your experience at NTU - the learning environment, academic and social life - shaped or helped you in your career?
The most striking element of my course at NTU was the practical insight the lecturers had. Through their previous involvement with the criminal justice system they were able to make the theory interesting and relevant, and add further depth to debate about application.

What advice do you have for students and fellow graduates? e.g. Trends or skills required in your field?
A degree may be "essential" for getting a job but having some awareness of practical application counts far more in making that job a successful one.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find NTU?
My time at NTU was life changing and the environment within the university and city were key to that. In addition to the close knit feeling of the Criminology department I benefited from involvement with the LGBT Society and played three years for the badminton team - for one alongside a future international badminton player. I had a number of experiences made possible by NTU which will mean I always hold the University and my time there close to my heart.

What has been the highlight of your career or personal achievements to date?
I was humbled and thrilled to be awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list in June 2014 for services to equality and diversity. This was the result of a number of years within Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and as Chair of the local Gay Police Association, during which time I was involved in a range of activities seeking to improve equal opportunities for those within the service and equality of access for the public.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
I am constantly inspired by the memory of Jane Tomlinson, a lady who despite having cancer pushed her body through amazing feats of endurance and raised millions of pounds for charity.
Online Graduate Profile Deborah Spiller 26/04/2019  
Name: Debbie Spiller
pic: [/view.image?id=6240]

quote: [The lecturers and tutors were really friendly and approachable.]

Course: BA Hons Fashion & Textile Management
Year: 2013
Job title: Account Manager
Employer: Fox Collective

Current role?
My current role as Account Manager involves managing some of the fashion and interior clients we have at Fox Collective. As an agency our clients include a mix of fashion, beauty, interior and lifestyle brands, and we work collectively across all brands. We constantly research new trends, meet and make relationships with key journalists and influencers, come up with creative campaigns for clients, organise events and much more!

Typical day?
Every day is different; however, a typical day involves liaising with clients, writing press releases, speaking to press about new product launches, researching the latest fashion, beauty and interior trends, staying up to date with bloggers and key influencers.

Career developments?
As part of my course, we were able to take a year's placement in industry. Spending a year in the workplace helped me gain invaluable experience that developed my career after university. After I graduated, I interned at a few different London PR agencies before securing a paid, full-time job. Here I was able to develop on the skills I'd already learnt whilst gaining new skills along the way. All of these jobs (paid and un-paid), have helped me secure the role I have today.

The PR industry is constantly changing. Print media is in decline and digital influencers are on the rise. PR as we traditionally know it is changing rapidly and as PR's we must find new ways of getting brands in front of consumers.

Your NTU experience?
Taking a course with a year in industry really helped shape my career. I was unsure on what sector of the fashion industry I wanted to go into, however after working at PR agency, Starworks Group, for a year, I knew that PR was the right path for me.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
The lecturers and tutors were really friendly and approachable, especially in the final year. You were able to go to them with any queries you had, and they offered advice on how to manage workload.

Career highlights?
While on my placement year, I was able to assist in the organisation of catwalk shows at London Fashion Week - something I've always wanted to do. I was also lucky enough to be sent to Paris!

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
I'm lucky enough to have a great support network of family and friends who have all had a positive impact on the career. Socialising and working with people who have a similar mindset is key - it makes everyday a little bit more interesting.

Can you share some exam revision tips?
Find a method that works for you, what works for someone else might not be the best way for you. I found that making posters and re-writing information really helped me remember all the information.

What are your top tips for job seeking / interview preparation?
Do your research on the company, what work they've done in the past and what they're doing at the moment.

Plans for the future?
I want to continue with my career in PR, I'm interested to see where the industry goes with the rise of digital and how that will impact the PR world.

Online Graduate Profile Adele M Ball 05/04/2019  
Name: Adele Marie Ball
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quote: [I think the most impactful aspect of my time at NTU has been the great links with industry the university has.]

Course: BA(Hons) Furniture & Product Design
Year: 2018
Job title: Designer
Employer: Duresta Upholstery

Current role?
As we are a small design team, my role is super varied as we are all responsible for every aspect of design - from product, to exhibition stands, to POS & print design, to styling, to interior design of retail spaces… the list goes on!

Typical day?
There's no such thing as a typical day! If I'm not at my desk working with SolidWorks or the Adobe Suite, I'm up in our product development area or showroom, or even out of the office visiting retail stores or exhibitions. Every day is different!

Career developments?
I was lucky enough to be recognised with an award from MADE.COM at New Designers, as well as interest in my designs from several UK retailers such as John Lewis and Heals. I've had the opportunity to work on a project with MADE.COM while continuing my full-time work with Duresta.

There will always be challenges and worries along the path. The key is to not let the bigger picture overwhelm you by staying organised and focussing on what you need to do today. Work hard, keep faith, and be persistent.

Your NTU experience?
I think the most impactful aspect of my time at NTU has been the great links with industry the university has. By presenting us with live briefs with real big-name companies in the industry, this definitely has been a huge influence and stepping stone in preparing its students for navigating the design work and securing a job post-university. Furthermore, the experience acquired in industry during placement year is indispensable; there's no way you can gather the same knowledge, skills, and experience simply by attending a university course.

Advice for others?
Keep working until you're happy that all the details are as close to perfect as they can be, and the design comes together in a way which would otherwise not be possible.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
NTU is great - all the staff and tutors are friendly and approachable. They genuinely care and want to see you succeed!

Career highlights?
Being recognised for my designs at New Designers, and all the press and opportunities that came from it.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
Design is about solving problems and the inspiration from this can be found in the mundane, everyday moments. What problems do you encounter in your life? Chances are there are a number of people who have encountered this same problem. Inspiration can be found in the smallest moments.

Plans for the future?
I would like to continue learning as much as I can about upholstery in my current company, and eventually I would like to expand a bit and explore other forms of furniture design.

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