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Online Graduate Profile Heather J Stanford 18/09/2019  
Name: Heather Stanford
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quote: [Never underestimate the power of the network!]

Course: LLB Hons Law
Year: 1991
Job title: Managing Director
Employer: Stanford Gould Group

Current role?
I am a solo entrepreneur - so it's my job to do everything and anything my business needs to succeed.

Typical day?
Variety! Seeing or speaking to clients, public speaking and training, chasing up new opportunities or leads, drafting contracts, social media posting, business development, making tea....

Career developments?
I was a solicitor in private practice for 20 years before I set up this business. I've had stints at all levels of the profession from trainee to partner. I've managed a law firm, worked in legal recruitment, been an operational director of an SME out of the legal sector, and worked in customer relations. All good grounding for this role!

Being pushed into boxes that you don't feel really reflect your skills and ambitions - hence why I now work for myself!

Your NTU experience?
I've always been a lawyer here in Nottingham - from undergraduate days to now, and I've lived and worked in the legal and professional community - in both academic and business networks - in this city. It's been enormously useful and enjoyable to still see people in the city, at events and through work connections, who taught me and mentored me in the early days of this journey.

Advice for others?
You never arrive - keep pushing on to new stuff and experiences - and never underestimate the power of the network!

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
Very much so.

Career highlights?
In 1998 being the youngest Managing Partner of a law firm in the country aged 29, and in 2016 setting up Stanford Gould aged a little older….

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
My training mentor and previous incumbent to the MP position, Chris Miller, with whom I've worked in the city throughout my professional career. Jane Biggs of Bygott Biggs for being one of the most inspirational woman entrepreneurs I know. Much is discussed over lunch and wine. The amazing Val Mattinson - fellow Law alumni.

Plans for the future?
Enjoy my work and grow my business to where and what I want, and with my vision and values at the centre.
Online Graduate Profile Harjap K Sanghera 15/08/2019  
Name: Harj Sanghera
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quote: [NTU had a welcoming atmosphere and there were a range of support services for everyone.]

Course: BA Hons Criminology
Year: 2016
Job title: Public Protection Unit Police Staff
Employer: West Midlands Police

Current role?
Public Protection Unit - MARAC

A Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a meeting where information is shared on domestic abuse cases deemed to be high risk. MARAC aims to share information to increase the safety, health and wellbeing of victims and their children. The primary focus is to safeguard the adult victim, but it will also make links with relevant agencies and services to safeguard children and manage the behaviour of the perpetrator.

Typical day?
Prepping and attending MARAC meetings across the West Midlands region.

Career developments?
After graduating from NTU I moved to London for a few months and interned at a law firm. I moved back to the Midlands and worked for a homeless charity as an Offender Support Worker. I knew early on this job would only be a stepping stone for me but the experience, knowledge and skills I gained in the 2 years had been life changing. I learnt so much about other people's walks of life - I saw the real world and struggles people are faced with on a daily basis. I supported prison leavers in Housing, Benefits, Employment, Mental Health & Substance Misuse.

I now work for West Midlands Police - more info can be found on my Linkedin profile:

Yes there have been challenges! To overcome them I volunteered, networked and spoke to family and friends. Connections are so important.

Your NTU experience?
Moving to Nottingham allowed me to find myself and become independent. I had the best 3 years of my life.

In my final year I worked part time in retail, held the VP/Secretary responsibility for NTSU Sikh Soc and was a student ambassador for the Business, Law and Social Sciences Department.

It wasn't easy to balance it all but one thing I have learnt is the more you put your energy in to something the more you will get from it. You are responsible for your own success!

Advice for others?
Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never ever have enough.

What are your top tips for job seeking / interview preparation / career progression?
Research the agencies/companies that specialise in what you want to do.

Prep your answers in STAR format. Record your responses and play on your commute!

Network and build positive relationships internally and externally.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
NTU had a welcoming atmosphere and there were a range of support services for everyone.

Career highlights?
I worked in partnership with WMP and SWMCRC for 12 months on the multiagency C3 Desistance Programme launched in 2017.

I supported the delivery of a bespoke rehabilitation plan to targeted PPO's - focused on preventing re-offending and bringing restorative justice to victims involved.

Shared best practice with The Centre for Justice Innovation to support the design, set-up and test of the practitioner-led innovation.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
I've learnt a lot about other services and agencies in my field through Linkedin, and also from colleagues in my current and previous roles.

Plans for the future?
I'm still not sure but I've learnt that a positive work environment is just as important as the role you are applying for.

Online Graduate Profile Chathura S Sudharshan 23/07/2019  
Name: Chathura Sudharshan
pic: [/view.image?id=6290]

quote: [NTU is a place that will change your life…. explore the opportunities and gain the benefit out of them.]

Course: MSc Entrepreneurship
Year: 2018
Job title: Founder and CEO
Employer: Chanodil

Current role?
My current role is involved in building a tech start up Chanodil from the scratch to a billion-dollar business. I work solo and it involve in activities from strategic decision making to business planning to daily operational works.

Typical day?
My office space is located in The Hive, NTU's centre for enterprise and entrepreneurship. I go over there in the morning. I have a plan for the month, I check it and see the potential work load for the week, then I plan daily works accordingly. As I don't have a boss to lead me or tell what to do, I have to see the future and plan things to take my business to the next level. I may be the last one to leave The Hive most of the days. But I do enjoy the work.

Career developments?
I was able to start my own business and lead the business activities in the company and compete with some international players.

There were many challenges on my journey. First as I am an international student, I had to obtain legal permissions to start the business in UK. Therefore, I had to make sure the business plan I am submitting is credible and sounds strong. So finally, I got the necessary legal requirement and started the business.

Funding for start a business was very tough as I haven't had many savings at that moment. But I was able to size down my plan and start the business. I did cut my costs by hiring talented people from different parts of the world to complete different tasks.

Your NTU experience?
A unique, international and unforgettable experience.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
It was very much supportive and friendly. I received financial support to visit the events mentioned above. Also, I appreciated the guidance from my university lecturers such as Kostas Galanakis, Paul Wreaves, David Evans and Amon Simba.

Career highlights?
The start of my own business - Chanodil!

At Chanodil we connect small and medium scale fashion businesses to, garment manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and fashion designers all around the world. Chanodil services enable those businesses to manage their ordering processes automatically. With our digital platform fashion business will find perfect business partners, improve sustainability, save time and cut costs.

Advice for others?
I would say NTU is a place that will change your life. But you have to explore the opportunities and gain the benefit out of them. Finally, dream big and stay childish!

Plans for the future?
I am planning to develop this business and make the company as a PLC company which will be valued billion dollars in the future.
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