Mentoring for students

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Mentoring for students

Take advantage of the expertise of our alumni through the Employability Mentoring Programme. You can get personal, one-to-one advice from a successful professional - a former NTU student who has volunteered to mentor you!

The Employability Mentoring Programme will help you to:

  • start building your own professional contacts and networks
  • learn how to communicate with professionals verbally, in writing and face-to-face
  • develop the confidence and ability to show people in the sector who you are and what you can do

It has never been more important in the world of work to be able to demonstrate what you can do, just having the potential is not enough. This programme will give you a real life experience to discuss at interviews.

You will be able to share your professional development through a step by step process which required commitment, teamwork, relationship building, self-assessment, goal setting, action planning, reviewing, evaluating and informed decision making.

You will benefit from an experienced mentor who:

  • has experienced the world of work
  • understands sector recruitment
  • has knowledge about the culture of the sector and where it is heading
  • has experience of working in the sector
  • wants to support and encourage you, and offer feedback with sensitivity

What will my role as a mentee be?
By participating in this programme, you will take the lead role in improving your employability prospects. You will be responsible for assessing your employability prospects and sharing the outcome with your mentor.

This step in the process will help you identify goals and create an action plan to achieve them. You will be responsible for helping create a relationship which is honest, open, supportive and focused on improving your employability.

Find out more about how one student benefited from her mentor.

If you would like to be part of the Employability Mentoring Programme, email for more information and to register your interest.

Misbah Ashraf