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Important information about your NTU email account


You will still have access to your NTU Office 365 email. Your printing account, access to NOW, some features of Office 365 and Home Directory will be closed within four weeks of you receiving your Leaving NTU email. The Office 365 features you will no longer have access to include OneDrive and Office Apps including installs on your PCs and Macs.

If you have any questions about your NTU student account and IT access, please contact

Did you graduate in 2013 or 2014?

Due to a change brought about by Microsoft, you are no longer be able to access your NTU email account and you are no longer able to log in to NTU computers or access NOW and email either on or off campus. 

When registering to Venture, our online community, please make sure that you update us with your personal email address in order for us to keep in touch with you.


Did you graduate between 2010 and 2012?

When you graduated you were offered the opportunity to continue to use your NTU email account - Unfortunately, due to a change brought about by Microsoft, your account was deactivated in July 2013 and you can no longer use the account or associated services related to the account.

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